What is a kettlebell?
A kettlebell is like a bowling ball with a thick, kielbasa shaped handle coming out of it. The off-centered nature of the weight makes training with it singularly difficult if you lack the proper form. Unlike bodybuilding style workouts which focus all the stress on a single muscle group through isolation, kettlebell style training recruits as many different muscle groups as possible at the same time. This trains the user to use his or her body synergistically, moving as a coordinated whole. Thus, a kettlebell, when used properly, develops strength, flexibility, AND cardio all at the same time! Wouldn’t you rather be able to enjoy the benefits of strength training, stretching, and cardio training, along with hardcore mental training all at the same time???

Even 10 minutes of kettlebells gives you more core strength and full-body cardio training than an hour in the gym!
It leaves you invigorated instead of feeling whipped.
Who is training with kettlebells?
Celebrities such as Claire Danes, Penelope Cruz, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez, and Matthew McConaughey have all added kettlebell training to their body sculpting workouts. Look at their hot bodies and the results are undeniable! Wanna see who else is all over kettlebell training?

The Cast of 300!!
Check out the trailer

Cast and crew of the film “300” trained with Mark Twight of Gym Jones in Utah to get in shape. To get the bodies of ancient Spartan warriors and support fight training, the Warner Bros press kit explains, “the training emphasized athleticism by combining compound movements, lifting, and throwing. Primitive tools – medicine balls, Kettlebells, rings – were used instead of machines.”

DirectorZach Snyder working out with kettlebells at Gym Jones facility.

Athletes of all different shapes, sizes, and sports have certainly jumped into kettlebell training also. Everyone from professional football strength coaches to UFC fighters is discovering, studying, and implementing kettlebell training in their strength and conditioning regimens. Even Bruce Lee trained with kettlebells!

Police, firefighters, and armed forces are all doing kettlebells too! The spec-ops teams are using them, the US Secret Service has its own kettlebell snatch test, plenty of SWAT teams are training with them, and more and more fire companies are realizing that kettlebell training is perfect for developing tactical strength without bulking you up. If you want to get an idea of what sort of body kettlebell training develops, think less about Arnold Schwarzenegger and more towards Bruce Lee.  Not an athlete, a Navy Seal, or a celeb? We don’t care! Kettlebell training is still for you!

What are some of the benefits of kettlebell training?Improved physique in 2 ways:

  • Noticeable weight loss
  • Lean, long body

Improved quality of life in other ways aside from the purely cosmetic:

  • Increased energy & vigor, less fatigue
  • Rapidly improved strength
  • Less pain & discomfort
  • Improved concentration through Iron Darwinism

Injury rehabilitation:

Properly used, kettlebells are a highly effective tool in physical therapy and injury rehabilitation.  If you’d like to find out more about this precious application of kettlebell science, we’ll be posting new content in the near future at www.kettlebellrehab.com !

Thanks to Mirko Ceselkoski