Anton Summers

Kettlebell Training Santa Monica

Anton is the senior most kettlebell student of Dr. Mark Cheng and has been training with him since he was 15 years old.  Over the years he has spent countless hours studying the finer points of hardstyle kettlebell training and Chinese martial arts with Dr. Cheng.
Anton had the rare opportunity to train under the watchful eyes of both Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsoline and Dr. Cheng on a weekly basis perfecting his technique, until passing his RKC with flying colors in 2007 and then becoming a CKFMS in 2010.   Anton was also an assistant  instructor at the first RKC in Los Angeles and has assisted in the training of Marines at Camp Pendleton, receiving a certificate of commendation from the United States Marine Core .   Anton has a deep understanding of the Hardstyle method of kettlebell training and can work with anyone regardless of their level of fitness.  Anton’s teaching approach focuses on developing perfect technique, to minimize the risk of injury and improve coordination and movement. Anton has trained extensively in Tui Na (Chinese manual medicine), Swedish, Shiatisu and sports massage and has a solid understanding of Anatomy.
Although the majority of his martial arts training has been with Dr. Cheng he also holds a black belt under the late legendary Hapkido master Bong Soo Han, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Professor John Machado, as well as practicing boxing and Savate on a regular basis. Anton is currently teaching a evening kettlebell class twice a week at Clover park in Santa Monica, as well as teaching on a private and semi private basis. He also teaches a Tai Chi class at the Culver City Senior center twice a week that has become very popular.   For more information contact Anton at or at his website at


Thanks to Mirko Ceselkoski