Dr. Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng

kettlebell training women

Trained by her husband, Dr. Mark Cheng, Dr. Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng got deep into kettlebell training after giving birth to the couple’s son, Mark Jr., as a way of getting back in shape. Not only did the baby fat come sizzling off her bones, but she also became a hardcore kettlebell enthusiast – dropping serious pounds and gaining major strength.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Mizuhara-Cheng realized her husband’s belief that kettlebell training is a peerless form of rehabilitative exercise training was correct. In residency at Pomona Valley Hospital, she teaches kettlebell strength, rehab, and fitness training in the Inland Empire (Covina, Pomona, San Bernardino, etc.) and occasionally on the Westside.

She officially earned her RKC designation in April 2007 directly from Pavel Tsatsouline and has trained under Pavel’s supervision on several other occasions, earning her Level 2 RKC certification in June 2007. Her new website – www.DOkettlebells.com – will be launching soon!

You can contact Courtney by e-mail atcourtney@kettlebellslosangeles.com.

Thanks to Mirko Ceselkoski