What’s a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell is like a bowling ball with a thick, kielbasa shaped handle coming out of it. The off-centered nature of the weight makes training with it singularly difficult if you lack the proper form. Unlike bodybuilding style workouts which focus all the stress on a single muscle group through isolation, kettlebell style training recruits as many different muscle groups as possible at the same time. This trains the user to use his or her body synergistically, moving as a coordinated whole. Thus, a kettlebell, when used properly, develops strength, flexibility, AND cardio all at the same time! Wouldn’t you rather be able to enjoy the benefits of strength training, stretching, and cardio training, along with hardcore mental training all at the same time???

Even 10 minutes of kettlebells gives you more core strength and full-body cardio training than an hour in the gym!  It leaves you invigorated instead of feeling whipped.

Thanks to Mirko Ceselkoski